**********NEW RELEASE**********
The new CD is entitled "AT LAST"




 We would like to thank our dear friend Johnny Chambers for the following heartfelt letter that he sent to us.

  This phenomenal group are the real thing. Lola is the lead singer and better known to all her fans as the "Queen of Doo-Wop"
  Lola's husband Tom, is a literal genius when it comes to formulating and compiling all the music and backgrounds necessary 
   for this group to perform in perfect harmony.  His vocals along with Lola, Jim, Tony & Jerry, close out a combined talent that       goes unequaled in creating personal emotions in their fans. Their renditions of the "Doo-Wop" era of the 40s through the 60s     are candy to my ears that travel straight to my very soul!  Every time I see them perform I thank God for their desire to keep         this wonderful era of Doo-Wop Oldies alive.  I cannot but reminisce what a God-Given Blessing it would have been, in my    earlier  years to have had the opportunity to sing and perform with this group! 
 Like a fine wine, Lola and the Saints only grow sweeter with time.  I will enjoy and cherish this group until my precious Lord calls  me home.

 Johnny Chambers

  We have received soooo many phone calls, emails, guest book entries, etc. but this letter hit my heart and soul.
  Thank you Johnny for taking the time out to write this letter.  I will cherish it always.  Your friend Lola.



We would like to thank our family, friends and fans for their ongoing support.  We would also like to thank all of you for your song requests.  If you have a favorite song that you would like " LOLA and the SAINTS" to perform , please drop us a line via our GUESTBOOK and we will give it a shot.



Tony Torre - Oldies Your Way    Vocal Group Harmony Show
Bob Spicer - Bob's DooWop Cafe
Paul Lauzon - Echoes Of The Past
Nan (Duchess of Doowop) - DooWop Cafe
Nay Nasser - DooWop2Soul Show
Cool Bobby B. - Rock It Radio - DooWop Stop
Ed - DooWopRadio4U - Oldies Knight Show
Earl and Kristi - TalkStar 840AM - Bobbysoxers, Tailfins and DooWop Show
Barry Rosen -Oldies Your Way- Memory Lane Show
Steve Fox - Doo Wop Cafe- Streetcorner Show
Ron Norwood - DooWop Express
Guido, Mike & Justin - WARL1320   Guido & The DoWoppers                                   
Rob Newton - WVLG 640am
Dennis Nardone "Remember Then Oldies Show" on WVOX from New Rochelle, NY.
Joe Morea - KDWRADIO   Joe, The Oldies Guy
Stu Weiss - Oldies Your Way   Pop Shoppe
Glen Fisher - Doo Wop Revival
George Ward - The Doo Wop Corner
Billy Fuller - Doo Wop Cafe   Mr. Love
Leon Bryant - House of Classic's
Doc Phil - Doo Wop Cafe   All night request show
Jerry Viola - Doo Wop Cafe   Jukebox Jerry
Eddie J. - Oldies Your Way    Doo Wop Shop
D.J. BUD - Oldies Your Way    Back Seat Memories
D.J. Di - Oldies Your Way     Di's Dance Party
Ken Carpenter - Oldies Your Way    D.C. Doo Wop
Bill E Rocker - Oldies Your Way   
D.J. Chris - Oldies Your Way     Wrinkle City Relics
Tommy Monahan & Harry Boyle - Oldies Your Way   The Record Room
D.J. Diane - Oldies Your Way   Maltshop
D.J. Marietta - Oldies Your Way    The Flipside
D.J. Charlie - Oldies Your Way     Big Wilson's Saturday Jazz Breakfast Show
Jim Parsons - Destination Doo Wop    The Cannonball
Frank Iovino - Oldies Your Way
Mike Miller - Boston Internet Radio    The Harmony Street Show
D.J. Laurie - The Doo Wop Queen
Dee Venneri - Doo Wop Cafe   THE RAZ
Richard Fox - Doo Wop Cafe    Neon Blue Show
Mike G. - Doo Wop Cafe   Mike's Wax Trax
Poppiebass - Doo Wop Cafe    DA GHOST
Richie Sullivan - Doo Wop Cafe    Richie's Doo Wop Memories
Steve Fox - fox 45rpm    The Street Corner Radio Show
Dan Romanello - WFUV Public Radio   90.7 The Group Harmony Review Show
Jack Strong - Doo Wop Cafe   JP's Salad Bowl
Flattop & Lollipop - Doo Wop Cafe
George - Doo Wop Cafe    Joe Minnow
Alan Seifer  Dr. Doo Wop - Doo Wop Cafe   South Florida Group Harmony Show
Mickey B.  MAD  HOUSE TV  every Tuesday at 8pm
D.J. Andy - Doo Wop Cafe    The Doo Wop Cop
Bob Belniak - NE Doo Wop Society  WTCC-FM
Ken Sleeman - Oldies Your Way
D.J. Hank - Odies Your Way 
Bud Francis - Odies Your Way
Frankie Fingers -Odies Your Way
D.J. Cal -  Odies Your Way
Mike Mahaffey -  Odies Your Way
D.J. Jan   Odies Your Way
D.J. Christy -  Odies Your Way
D.J. Alex - Top Shelf Oldies
D.J. Scott Mahaffey -Odies Your Way
Frank Miller
John Cacicio
King Arthur - Boston Internet Radio
Glen Fisher - Doo Wop Revival
Jim Santa Barbara - The Wax Museum Show
Lou Rallo
 Roy Oram - Big Brothers Doo Wop Show
Hot Wax Spotlight Ballroom - John Cacicio and all his D.J.'s
Barbara and Stevie from Remember Then Radio 

We would like to thank CBS 101 for their support and air play throughout the years.  Especially Don K. Reed.......

A very special thanks to a friend, Bob Spicer. 
Bob Spicer's Doo Wop Cafe on WLLI FM 100.7  in New Bedford, MA. is the #1 rated Doo Wop Show in New England. Bob has played an integral role in keeping the great sounds of the 50s and 60s alive and has been an ardent supporter of "Lola and The Saints" for many years. We sincerely thank him for his contribution to the music industry and for everything he has done for "Lola and The Saints".
 Thanks Bob