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 Dynamic Doo Wop Act



 Unique Oldies Revue



A Show Group






The 50’s & 60’s

As Though It Were



White Christmas                             1982 Angela Records

Please Come Home For Christmas  1984 Angela Records


Wishful Thinking                           1981 Angela Records

ABC’s Of Love                                1980 Angela Records


I’m So Young                                 1981 Clifton Records

I’m On The Outside Looking In     1985 Clifton Records


                              Ronnie I’s Lost Tapes

Please Say You Want Me                 1980 Clifton Records

I Promise To Remember                 1980 Clifton (3020)

                             Christmas In Harmony

White Christmas                             1982 Clifton Records

Please Come Home For Christmas 1984 Clifton (3004)

                         "Beginning To Love You"   

   *****   Saints Album  ****   Clifton Records ****

 Tonight Could Be the  Night            1982                         

Could This Be Magic                          1985

Soft Shadows                                     1978

So Tough                                            1985

My Vow To You                                  1986

I’m So Young                                      1981

Traveling Stranger                            1981

Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart   1985

Sixteen Candles                                 1984

Crazy For You                                     1984

Why Do Fools Fall In Love                  1980

I’m On The Outside Looking In          1985

Tears On My Pillow                            1981

Beginning To Love You (Accapella)   1981

*Note: Any further info requested, please send email address and we will answer as soon as possible.

*Note: Release dates known only to respective record companies

*Note: All tunes with musical accompaniment (except as noted)

*Note: Recorded at St. Thomas Studio and Soho Sound

*Note: The Saints from 1978 to 1988, consisted of:

Lola Foy

Tom Foy

Ken Galeano

Joe Orlando

Larry Totaro

Andy Kachianos

The Saints Album Clifton               1987     (CL2007)